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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fuck all.

She peed on a stick today. She is 5 days away from when her period is due to start. It was negative. So far, this is not looking good. She is tired of trying and counting and waiting and planning. She wants to enjoy her life. She deserves that much, right?

The camping trip was stupid. She sat by herself and did nothing. They were not even going to sleep in a tent, they were going to sleep in a basement... on a "FULL" inflatable bed. ....They would not have fit.

He was wrestling around with one of the other cousins when he dropped him and hurt his right leg. He said he wanted to go home after that happened, At least he didn't tell the truth that his wife is a bitch and you really can't take her anywhere..

She said she is going to the gym this week, but as soon as she got off work, she went to get food. I think she has a fear that until she gets her period, she might have something in there her body needs to care for. After then.. She plans on starving herself.

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